What IS an Integrative Health and Wellness Coach?   An Integrative Health and Wellness Coach is a guide and supportive team mentor who will empower you to take responsibility for your own health and milestones in your personal wellness goals. An Integrative Health and Wellness Coach can help you in areas such as weight management, food cravings, sleep, energy, stress management, digestive health and more. A Health Coach’s focus in on behavioral choices along with the understanding of dietary patterns and overall health. A Health Coach and their client work closely together to develop strategies that make real, lasting lifestyle changes.

Does an Health Coach take the place of a Medical Practitioner?   No, an Integrative Health and Wellness Coach does not replace your medical practitioner by diagnosing, treating or taking responsibility for bringing about any wellness changes in your life.

Do I have to buy any products?   No! If you enroll in my 1:1 - 3 or 6 month coaching programs all handouts and materials will be provided to you.

What if I don't live near you? Can I still be a client?  Absolutely! We can do sessions via FaceTime, FB messenger, Skype, etc.